Frank Gruner OR Lic. #14092

I’ve been married to my wonderful, supportive wife (and fellow musician), Sally for 25 years. Our daughter is in her third year of medical school at OHSU. I love to care for my family, play music, cook, run, practice yoga, travel, ride my bike and am fascinated by massage therapy.

I became a massage therapist because it is the one reliable mode of health care that always helps me out when I’m hurting from a muscle ache or stored up tension. I’ve spent most of my life playing music with a twelve-pound electric bass guitar over my shoulder or hunched over a huge bass violin. Massage seemed to relieve that tension. Massage is similar to playing music. I use my hands doing both. Whether I’m working on a client or playing bass, I’m constantly tracking the reaction of my effect on the music or how my work is affecting my client.

In the spring of 2006 I decided to attend massage school to fulfill a dream of being able to help other people out of painful situations through therapeutic massage. I finished 550 hours of schooling in a year and received my Oregon state license in spring 2007. I’ve been steadily learning more and building my practice since then and still love it.