What to Expect in a Massage

First I’ll have you fill out a health intake form to get an overview of your general health. Next we’ll discuss your specific needs for the session taking into consideration your present wellbeing. After we’ve established a plan, I’ll leave the room so you can prepare for your massage. You can undress to your comfort level, usually leaving on your underwear and getting between the sheets on the table. I’ll knock before I re-enter the room.

I urge my clients to be involved in what happens during the session and feel free to tell me about the comfort level of the pressure (too much or too little), the exact spot to work on. It’s your time and I want to make sure that you feel you’re unique issues are being addressed in the best and most efficient way. I need to get your reaction to my touch until it’s perfect for you


1/2 Hour Massage $35
1 Hour Massage $65
1.5 Hour Massage $90
1 Hour Thai Massage $65
1.5 Hour Massage $90

Call for onsite chair massage prices.
25% discount for schools for chair massage.

Investing in massage is an investment in your health. Sometimes the quickest, most inexpensive and most natural way to get muscle pain relief is with a therapeutic massage.

I accept Visa and Mastercard.